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A fine couple of hauls, Dr. Boogie!
I love that "necklace".

Okay, I got my package from BatmanJohnson and here's the pics!

Some nicely wrapped gifts along with a bunch of Christmas candy! The Santa ones are Crisp Kringles, ho ho ho!

Now that's quite a haul! Comics, Zombies, and Boba Fett! Rat Queens has four Daves. Action Philosophers has Plato necromancing Socrates back. And Saga is just all kinds of messed up.

Here we have "The Walking Dead" MiniMates. Tiny little Lego type figures. And the two things in the middle are shoulders for "Shoulder Zombie" to munch on!

And lastly we have a Boba Fett "fabrikation" from Funko! He's fabric with an awesome leather belt, can turn his head 360, and has heavy flat feet to stand up easily.

Thanks for the great stuff, BatmanJohnson! And Merry Christmas, everybody!
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