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The 4 movies that I have recently seen were (In this order): Darkness Falls, Harry Potter (And the Chamber of Secrets), Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers), and The Ring. They were all entertaining, but each of them had their flaws. Darkness Falls was a bit scary, had its parts. It's more of a Horror/Suspense kind of thing, as the ring was. Never know what to expect. The sounds they added to Darkness Falls gave it the final touch. The starting little biography for Matilda Dixon was pretty scary with the images they added (Which I suspect were off the internet). It had a good storyline, and was pretty easy to follow along. Now, Harry Potter to me, was brilliant if you had seen the first one. I'm sure not many of you agree since it's more of a kid kind of movie. But hey, it was fairly entertaining. I guess you could sort of call it a time waster if your not a fan. You didn't really have to see the first one to follow this one along though, or read the books. It pretty much starts out with a whole new story. But you do need to see the first one to understand characters such as Voldemort, and the others. The Ring, hell, was the scariest movie that I've EVER seen. But it had some minor flaws. Though I can't really point them out. Agh. Let me think of one. I forget. But I suggest you either rent it when it comes out (if you didn't see it). It's basically a nightmare for horror fans. Maybe you could go read reviews about these movies on The Movie to better understand that I said about these movies.
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