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Originally Posted by Matt Harty View Post
I remember some people on the forums did some kinda radio show that I found funny. I'd listen to those on podcasts

IT WAS MEEEEEEE! (unless you are thinking about END GAME RADIO IS NOW LIVE)

Jixby Phillips and I did a several radio show in the SUMMER/FALL of 2005 and the Winter of 2006. We had Willie on and Fartin Mowler once did this hilarious segment for it. We had quality issues for the first go around, and then we had recording issues. When we finally had everything working skype decided to just not work and would cut out constantly for Jixby. Also I got this nice USB microphone but with it you can't use the ALL U HEAR (where it records all the sounds coming from the computer) anymore, so there was really no way to record it then having Jixby talk from my computer speakers and the Mic picking it up, so that really sucked.We were going to make it a weekly thing but it was too much of a hassle. Maybe we will do one when Jixby comes visit Chicago, WHO KNOWS?

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