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Old Dec 7th, 2009, 06:14 PM        ETHNIC/REGIONAL LOVE MAKING
I've only been with white and black girls with the one exception of a Mexican girl I brought home from a hot night of drinking, dancing, and broken Spanish. I don't really have a preference between any of them, but my buddy for instance will only go after Asian girls. I feel like people who only date this or that are really limiting themselves, but who knows?

Pretty much the only people I'm not attracted to are Pakistani/Indian people. I don't know why either. Oh yeah, and any girl from the Northeast part of the country turns me off with that accent. Thick New Jersey, New York (the city), and Bostonian accents coming out of a woman's mouth makes me wanna throw up. Kinda odd, I know.

Do any of yall have a preference or are/not attracted to a certain people? Also, have yall been with people other than what you are(as defined by the US Census)?
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