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I just finished Metro 2033 after powering through it over two nights.

I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed with it. It's pretty much a linear STALKER, gussied up a bit. There were a few plotholes, major ones at that, but I loved a lot of it and felt better sneaking around in this game than I did in Dishonored. Maybe it's because I'm not a superhero in 2033 and am not invulnerable with crazy teleportation abilities. I dunno. But I can say that it's good enough to get me excited for the sequel, if it's ever released.

At the end, I was left wondering more about Khan and the Dark Ones and the Anomalies and why they all seemed connected. Or perhaps there was no connection and Khan was just a philosophy buff.

Also, I got the impression from a lot of people that it was difficult, but at the end I had around 600 military grade rounds and nothing to spend them on, as I'd already picked up the biggest, bestest weapons already.

There were some tense times when I was low on ammo, though. My favorite part was when I had to sneak through a Communist checkpoint into the Nazi section of the Metro and I had limited ammo. Not that I could use it, anyway, as the enemies were everywhere and my weapons weren't silenced. Everything except for my throwing knives, which I launched from the dark at unsuspecting spinal columns. The thunk noise as it hits a soldier the back will never get old.
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