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Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
Some jedi have a skill like this on top of the generic sprint skill.
That does suck indeed. I kinda liked TOR but it really didnīt offer much new stuff. The Space-Missions were nice but yeah, the rest was pretty much standart stuff as far as Iīve seen. I miss my Droid-crafting Rodian with his little hut somewhere in the swamps of Naboo...everybody liked my Mouse-Droids :D

Been playing Black Ops 2 (very nice) and Hitman Absolution for the past few days. The Contracts-Mode of Absolution is a little bit genius.

You have to play the Hit to create the Hit which is a gorgeous way of ensuring that you canīt create impossible contracts because you have to play your contract yourself first. How does it work? Super simple: You just pick one of the 15+ Maps, walk around and mark someone you want to be the target (up to 3 possible). Then you kill the target and the game registers what disguise you used and what kill-method. Now you can choose to mark two more people or use one of the exits of the map to finish your contract. Depending on how you killed people (hid the bodies, used disguises, detected or nor), your mission is created and the bounty is set up.

Really really simple and cool method of keeping the game alive. The nice thing is, you see this dude that doesnīt move from his fucking post and you check your briefing, saying you have to kill him with an axe but how the fuck are you gonna that? It HAS to be possible, because someone had to do it to create the contract
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