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Originally Posted by Guitar Woman View Post
Man, if you bother to actually get decent tequila it's one of the best-tasting liquors.

Here I thought it was all bottles of rubbing alcohol that someone poured a damn pound of salt into. Or alternatively peed into.
I vacationed in Cancun a few years back and had a similar revelation. Even the better tequilas one can find here in the states pale in comparison with some of what I tasted that week. As with most drinks, top-shelf brands and brands from the native region are the best ways to go.

For anyone who just doesn't like the thought of drinking tequila straight, no matter how good, allow me to recommend La Pinta Pomegranate Tequila and 1921 Cream Tequila. Both are delicious to the point that the uninitiated could be fooled into thinking they aren't tequila. Plus, neither sacrifices that "clothes exploding" after-effect that Ghost mentioned.
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