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The way I was taught to get the sound of the amp you're using along with any thing else accompanying it is to use a dynamic mic (Shure SM57) and connect to either a mixer with an updated sound card installed on your computer, or one of these that has 2 XLR inputs with 2 preamps (Focusrite Scarlett) and use it with your DAW. I use ableton to record most of my stuff because it's not only amazing at recording what I play but really good for live usage as well and just all around using as an effects processor. Using an audio interface like the aforementioned Focusrite is very decent, but I have noticed that it can cause somewhat of a latency issue. It's all about fine tuning and what not but if you have the cash to dish out for an audio interface with firewire, I would advise it. Firewire isn't plug and play friendly like USB it is but when configured right, it's better than USB 2.0 (I'm not to certain as to how much better it is than USB 3.0). If I'm micing a cab with a dynamnic mic like the one mentioned above, I'll also use compression that I commonly use in Ableton, they're highly customizable and I haven't had any issues yet using it.

Anyways... that's pretty much the way I was taught on how to record the amp you want, and I must say it works amazingly. I've got some stuff recorded but I don't have it on this computer I'm on, all my stuff is on my external hard drive which I'll have to get from my.... *ahem*... mothers.
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