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That is pretty awesome of you, I just got Ableton Live 9, about to figure it out seeing as I slept from 3pm to 10pm and then had 3 cups of brazillian espresso (shit will make you drop a quick fuckin duece) so I got all night to figure it out.

Man, so much music. I definetely got into music when I was super young. My dad and two uncles were heavily into the thrash scene when I was growing up. My dad did alot of construction, drank alot and pretty much listened to metallica, slayer and GWAR all day, my other uncle is in the army and a fucking badass and currently commands his own tank that has EXODUS carved into the side, and my other uncle has had alot of drug and alcohol issues but he used to actually play bass in a 90's thrash band that toured with a few big name bands. He is currently homeless and I have not talked to him in a long time so I don't know much about the band he was in, but I don't think they turned into anything (I mean... obviously).

Love metallica, but man, I listened to them so goddamn much and played so many of their songs that Its hard to enjoy them alone. I don't know, it is hard to explain but I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes I will play a riff and think in my head "oh its that shit again" only because practicing something to death sometimes ruins it for me and I need a loooong break from hearing it.

but pretty much all of the classic thrash dudes, I can't listen to too much current stuff of some of my favorite bands because it's kind of shitty. I liked Megadeth's End Game, but that's really it.. I will admit I've given up and usually don't even bother listening to new shit. I didn't listen to Death Magnetic for like a year, and when I heard it, it pretty much sounded exactly as I expected

Pantera is pretty fantastic, Dime was a beast in his early days, kind of turned into a fat weirdo though, King Diamond is probably the most underrated metal group in history, dude just had open heart surgery and is making an album this year. Bolt Thrower is about as heavy as I like to get, I personally can not really get into complete screaming/growling metal, and I also hate when everyone associates metal with that shit. I feel blasphemous being so involved with guitar and saying that I dislike a certain type of metal that is so widely prevalent, but the only way I can enjoy that music is if I am at the show and the band is fucking killing it, then it's pretty awesome, however to listen to it alone or for enjoyment of music, I find it pretty redundant :/ Some bands blur the line between growling/screaming and technical metal and can pull it off well, other bands I feel like are a pack of teenagers who make as much noise as they can and try to pass it off as music.

Fuck dude I know I'm typing a book but that brazillian coffee is like a sack of coke. Anyways, I could go on and on about metal. Currently really into Havok's Time is Up, SODOM's Better off dead and a thrash band from ohio called Skeletonwitch. I also really love Mastodon's sound. I have not given their newest album a chance but I was not too fond of The Hunter. Blood Mountain though, is probably one of my top 5 albums of all time, if you haven't heard it I really need to post some songs I think you could really dig:

Municipal Waste, I've seen them several times, currently going to shit as they've signed to a bigger label, Waste in Space was lame, hazardous mutation, Art of Partying and Massive Aggressive are fucking awesome though. Annihilation Time is another band that I started liking after seeing them with Municipal waste, they are broken up as of 2010 but they are a perfect mix of metal, punk and classic rock and every album they have had is pretty incredible. The lead singer bounced and most of the band is Lecherous Gaze, They are cool and the lead guitarist Graham Clise I have talked to a few times on Facebook, awesome dude and down to earth, he says he is humbled to be living in poor conditions but he loves that he does what he loves. Can't say I blame the guy. Anyways, heres some shit by them:

Have alot of their albums on vinyl including two now rare 7"s that I got at their show for $5 a piece, I'm gonna be honest and say that everything this band has done is stellar. last album, Annihilation Time III fucking ruled and it's really actually okay to know this band never turned into sell out scum.

Alright, more shit, Joe Satriani is that nigga on a guitar, I have not listened to any Chicken Foot though, I'd rather not either.. White Zombie, Liquid Tension Experiment (petrucci side project, not a huge dream theatre fan), lots and lots of GWAR, amazing band, seen them nearly 15 times, the show really overshadowed the music IMO. Brockie's death has hit me hard, dude was very influential to me in everything he did... except ODing on fucking heroin like the metal junkies he used to write songs about Life will go on..

I'm trying to expand further, getting into progressive jazz as it turns out that is where some of the lesser known guitar virtuosos are. Pat Metheny blows me away, I need to learn more about him and his group, this live version of this song is incredible:

Takes off at around 3 minutes. Has his guitar hooked up to a synth that makes his guitar sound like a Trumpet-O-Shred. Beautiful music. But if you've watched that, you must now watch this. Just do it, im begging you:

ZZ Top, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Annihilator, Ozzy, Zack Wylde (Book of Shadows is fucking weird but I dig it), Boston, Zeppelin, Jimi, most classic rock, Madball, plenty of other metal, aside from that I love old school hip-hop, Illmatic is one of my favorite albums of all time, Techno/electronica and dubstep aren't half bad, more and more fuck dude i'll be here all night your turn wait one more

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