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Dude, I grew up on some good metal as well. I grew up listening to Death (chuck schuldiner), slayer, old Metallica, cannibal corpse. I saw my dad half the time since he was done dicking my mom so I would go over to his place half the time and him and his friends were alcoholics that had cigarettes glued to their mouths and played techmo bowl all the time and listened to a lot of metal while I was in the other room watching shirty old horror movies. I eventually picked up guitar since I was around it so much and it that's where that story starts.

I fucking love mastodon, I really enjoy the leviathan album a lot but the stuff you posted I've only listened to briefly with my friend but what I heard was badass. But get this man, thought this was interesting, I used to chill with the guys from skeletonwitch with my friends from Locusta. They would come down from Athens and play shows in columbus all the time. Beyond the permafrost is such a badass album, never gets old. I agree about new shit, it's pretty awful and lacks the aesthetic. Some stuff is okay, like I can get into some of Arsis, their song diamond for disease is pretty amazing though I wouldn't really say they're thrash.

Speaking of King Diamond, dude is going back on tour and is heading to Pennsylvania around october 19th. I guess I'm going with some people from my work just as long as I don't have to drive. I've never had a chance to see him so I'm definitely passing this up. I don't usually go to shows on account that I hate groups of people and people in general, but I'm not letting that get in the way of king diamond, can't pass up this opportunity.

Dude, that pat metheny guy you just showed me is fucking amazing. Vaguely reminds me of what steely dan does on their album aja, that album is smooth as fuck. They remind of zappa but more smooth about the art of nasty. Now you showed me pat metheny, in going to get as many albums as I can by him because I love more progressive type jazz. That and jazz fusion is like a wet dream for me. I've been really into guitar modes recently and have been writing a lot more jazz oriented stuff.

Now have fun with my book I have written haha. Oh yeah, by the way, figure that amp out yet?
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