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This movie was fantastic... I'm pretty critical when it comes to movies, but there were really only two things in the entire movie I found even questionable- one is the Bat-voice, which made not only me but everyone I was with giggle. He sounds like Solid Snake, only even more over-the-top. Maybe the mask does something to his throat, since he talks in that voice even when he's alone with people who know he's Bruce Wayne, so it seems less likely the voice is to protect his identity. Or maybe he's just so crazy that he has a dual personality that comes out when he's wearing the costume.

Anyway, the only other flaw I could see was the dialog in the truck chase scene. The rest of the movie seems very well-written, but in this sequence we get generic action-movie lines like "That's not good!" and even the Joker is reduced to saying things like "There's a Batman!". I know they're concentrating on driving and all, so grunting out obvious, absent-minded comments might be realistic, but it seemed really out of place compared to the elegance of the rest of the movie.
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