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This is an amazing article Proto. It brought me plenty of chuckles while at my animation class at college. I have to apologize with the rest of my fellow mockers for making such a long comment, but I feel I have a lot to say about this.

Despite I haven't seen Dexter Morgan's show so far (I have seen commercials about it, but either I'm never at home nor I have the time to watch it) I agree with several of your proposals in order to make sure that plenty of these characters suffer a painful death.

I remember how most of the "elite" assholes that attended the same high school I did liked Friends to the point that they were actually trying to achieve the same way of living. Now, I've never watched such an awful show and it never got such attention from my part even with heavy rotation of commercials between every other show on TV. It is evident that the whole cast deserved to be destroyed.

As controversial as this may seem, I have to agree with your decision of adding The Simpsons to the list, but I have another powerful reason besides the fact that they have ceased to be as funny as they used to be. In Mexico, this show used to kick some serious butt since the nineties and it had one of the most awesome ratings despite having re-runs every now and then. Unfortunately, several seasons ago the voice actors that gave the awesome Spanish voices (Mexican Spanish, mind you) to the whole cast were fired because they were asking for a raise in their respective salaries. This is sad, because a lot of people know how good the Mexican dubbing is in the whole world and they clearly deserved a compensation after many years of loyal service. The result was that they replaced the previously famous voice actors with a new cast that now pretends to imitate their very same accents with horrendous results. This, plus the fact that the show has fallen in humor quality, makes me wish that it ended its Mexican broadcast a long time ago. I can live with the re-runs, trust me.

I always loved Full House, but the most fatal flaw it had was Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as the annoying Michelle. I won't give any further details, but her death should be a teddy bear rigged to explode when she receives a hug from that silly kid (kids?).

Finally, I don't know why you don't watch Two and a Half Me more being such an awesome sitcom. It always make me laugh with some of the antics that Charlie (Charlie Sheen's character name in the series, how original =P) pulls every time. I have to admit though that his brother Alan usually annoys me to the point of wanting to turn off the TV, risking any potential joke involving him.

A show (or rather shows) that I seriously consider you include in this hit list are the nasty Mexican Telenovelas that are broadcasted here late night. The same fucking story, the same cliches, the same lame characters... It is a painful experience for all of us (specially men, although I know of some weird specimens that do watch them) when our mothers or girlfriends can't stop talking about the most recent episode that doesn't make any difference AT ALL regarding the previous ones. Feel free to ask if you want to know more. I don't need to watch those atrocities to know what the hell is going on with a lot of gossip regarding them every single day. Perhaps that's the way I'll day: Having Dexter Morgan watch telenovelas all day long until my brain ceases any sign of coherent activity.
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