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Candy Corn Super Blow Pop

It's strange but this does indeed taste exactly like candy corn! And being that it's "super" and about three times the size of a normal blow pop, I have no idea if it's the normal gum in the middle.

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes

These are square shaped sour gum drops in three "limited edition" Halloween flavors ("Scary Black Cherry", "Goblin Green Apple" and "Ogre Orange"). They're all pretty good although rather mild on the sour scale. The black cherry flavor is my favorite of the bunch.

Haunted House Silhouette

The Dollar store is killing it this year with awesome stuff. Like this Haunted House which looks great whether it's backlit or casting a shadow on the wall.

Monster 500

This year Toys "R" Us has a great new line of monster toy cars called "Monster 500". A few are even put out in larger versions.

This is one of the cars that got a larger version "Zoom Zombie". It lights up and the zombie screams when you press the skeleton hand on the back of the hearse.

Here's a few of the smaller ones, all complete with terribly cheesy names. We've got "Captain Heinous (from Uranus)", "Werewolf Blitzer", "Dr. Jerkyl and Mr. Ride" and "Drac Attack".
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