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You know what I always enjoyed about the complaints about this movie? It's always the fact that this film is "shapeless" it never has anything to do with the robots. I mean seriously if Myers was in it nobody would have a problem with life-like frikkin androids in the film!!!

Like yourself though, EXCEPT for the robots I found the film to be very enjoyable. It's a very scary concept if you think of it (a carrier wave like tv killing you). Also very timely at the time of release for such a concept as the "evil" that is cable television is finally hitting the high levels of saturation it is today. The more frightning thing is there is technology to do this sort of thing RIGHT now! Now making your head melt and turn into bugs an snakes no, but a specilized tv signal that'll cause nausia on the low end and seizures or even death on the high end, hell yes it could happen! Just keep that in mind the next time you watch a republican town hall meeting on the tv.... they might try to just get rid of us.
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