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Originally Posted by Esuohlim View Post
i'm a dad now you fucks
OMG! Congrats! Your wife now has evidence that she did teh secks!

Now we just have to wait on the paternity test to find out if you did, Esuohlim.
Originally Posted by AChimp View Post
I am not a fucker.

I'm a wanker.
Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
I mentioned it to people, CiG and 10K and The Leader amd MLE are all happy for you. I'm sure others are too if the unblock me.
You've got there an astonishing number of people that seem to only selectively block people.

I can't remember what I did to alienate everyone here.
Originally Posted by MarioRPG View Post
Everybody growing up and stuff. Not me.
Originally Posted by captain516 View Post
Let's party with people we don't like and waste money we don't have while doing everything we can to avoid thinking about time and youth slowly running out without accomplishing anything of merit.
Looks like we've got some contenders still fighting me for most pathetic.

Guys, you'll never beat me.
Originally Posted by Dr. Boogie
No YouTube embeds in your sigs, poindexter.
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