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Lore Sjöberg actually did a flow chart called "the Geek Hierarchy" on the Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Harry Knowles looks like an Irish Sasquatch.

MMOs aren't that bad, really. You just gotta find one that's not populated entirely by awful jackasses.

Oh! I just remembered a furry I went to college with! He was the type of guy who threw around terms like "fursecution" without a hint of irony. He seriously claimed I was as bad as the Nazis because I thought he was ridiculous for thinking he's an anthropomorphic wolf. Also, he was really greasy and squint-eyed and had a really greasy, quint-eyed, fat girlfriend. I'm sure they painted themselves up like wolf-people and had greasy, squint-eyed, probably paint-smeared sex. Ugh.

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