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Let's see my Geekdoms are...

Well, I'm an Otaku first and foremost. One with good hygene, that doesn't dress like a character that I should never dress as, but an Otaku none the less!

I'm also a Movie Geek, but I'm the "elitist" kind of movie-geek that doesn't like the same movies as everyone else.

I'm a definite Comic Geek, but I never really got into "Superhero Comics". I read pretty much everything else.

I tried to get into Table-Top RPGs but my friends just weren't into it. So, I had nobody to play with. (BTW you forgot Card-Game RPGs)

And, (are you ready for this) I am, and I will freely admit it, one of those dreaded Fan-Fiction Writers you mentioned! In fact, here's my profile, which reveals a whole lot of other geeky interests. I do NOT write "self-inserts" however. That, would just be a little too far into the abyss.

BTW Furries may be geeky now, but what about in the future after they perfect genetic engineering (allowing them to actually become anthropomorphic animals!)?
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