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Peebee reminds me of a friends dog named Shadow. Shadow was probably the most dignified Golden Retriever in the world, until he opened his mouth. At which point he acquired a look of patient stupidity and unrestrained imbecile joy at whatever was going on around him. I remember throwing a ball to him- right to him, mind you, as I have excellent aim- only to have it bounce right off his nose. Whereupon he would become very much confused when another, smarter dog would invariably steal his ball. He has got to be one of the most friendly dogs in the world, though. Once, he was attacked by a pit bull. He didn't even bother retaliating, just got a look of helplessness and indignity at his situation. Survived, of course. Poor guy died a couple of months back, before Christmas. The spoiled little sister of my friend immediately demanded a replacement puppy. But no dog could replace Shadow. May he rest in peace.
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