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Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
The Youtube video I posted really details the ideology of the ruling class and how we...the people...are seen as an inferior species that in their minds must be culled (Death Panels / Rationing Panels).
Dude, you miss the point. Zhukov asked a question. Without posting a link to a blog, quoting a blog, or insulting his intellect or his viewpoint, ANSWER HIM!

Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
I'm sorry,

Thanks buddy. I've never been let back in once I've been banned. I appreciate it. And I appreciate the general debate as well.
So this isn't the first time. Why am I not surprised.

Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
Just go back a few pages where I linked to the wallstreet journal article. Not only will we have private rationing boards which will lead to needless deaths but now we will have government rationing boards which will mandate which treatment you can and can't have. If you want I can PM you the article.
Again with the articles. You still don't understand that we want to discuss the issue, and not being bludgeoned over the head with someone else's (biased) opinion. There are two sides to every story - that's part of the reason I like - at least they make an effort to look at misleading information from both sides of every issue. Check it out - I found every time there is a point "for" the healthcare bill, there is another point "against" the healthcare bill.

The bottom line is that it's not as good as its supporters say it is, and it's not the "evil death panel" that the detractors contend.

Personally I'd like to see some substantive discussion on how it's likely to affect each of you, including you, Mr. Coolinator. After all, you work, and therefore you have some kind of health care coverage.

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