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Originally Posted by Neen View Post
Like Fox News needs any hard evidence to report unfounded accusations. That's the point. If you think it actually needs any substance to air on a 24-hour news network, you don't know 24-hour news networks.
But that's the point! They don't even wait for hard evidence. And yet even the birth controversy isn't being reported on, which shows just how idiotic it is. I don't even think the Weekly World News has anything on it and they wrote an article saying that Sarah Palin shot a Bigfoot.
"I refuse to prove that I exist," says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing." "But," says Man, "The Babel fish proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't." "Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanished in a puff of logic.
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