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i watched that video in its entirety for some reason, and even though i've never played the game, i feel like i just did... and i hated every second of it. i feel like this game should have earned a zero pickle rating-- a half pickle seems too generous, even though that's the worst rating something is supposed to be able to get.

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Please someone confirm this for me. I seem to remember, on the computer version, of elf bowling 2, that there were penguins that marched up the iceberg, in the background, you could shoot them, and I think you got a few points for each one, and if you shot it in the head, youd hear a voice say "headshot!". I see no penguins in the GB version
it seems unlikely that you can shoot anything since you're playing a lame version of shuffleboard. however, there is a game called "conquer antarctica" in which you have a team of penguins that shoots at another team of penguins. the voice effects sound oddly similar:
knowing is half the battle. the other half is head shots.
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