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the first participant in the party was my friend DSprings. he gave me a ride home after work because my shitty car would not start. he agreed to hang out and have a beer. we walked in the door and Nancy was masterbating in front of her computer, and some Iranian guy was watching over skype. it ruined skype for me, but just the same DSprings and I fell out laughing.

and every night DSprings came over after work and we hung out drinking all night. then i would go to work. this went on for a week or two and we picked up a third drinking buddy, and then a fourth. and before you could say boo it turned into people from pretty much any restaurant in the local area turning up. WaltB, my landlord did not mind because there was a lot of hot young ass coming to these parties.

there was one night where i jumped a trampoline with a girl after sharing half a paper with her. her tits flew out while we were jumping and were amazing to watch in an altered state. one night a girl gave my dog a whole bottle of sour apple pucker and he stumbled off into the night. he returned with a female beagle that he later attempted to hump.

it was really good fun, it i wasn't with the kids or at work i was at a really great party. and Nancy hated it. so, when a guy she had been fucking got sent overseas to Japan and needed a renter she jumped on the chance to move out I was glad to have her gone. i let the kids move in with her and paid child support and everything was pretty cool.

now you would think the party would end here, but it did not. instead it intensified. with no bitch around to complain and give dirty looks, even more women came over. and then we had a Christmas party for Outback at a hotel.

there was a group of us. we all took six pieces of paper. and there was a lot of trouble......
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