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I think Emu told me in this thread that there's a way to make Persona 2's combat less bad. I didn't try it because Persona 3 Portable came out a little later and that game is way better.

If you want to play a good Persona game, either play the PSP version of Persona 3 (or the FES version if you don't have a PSP), or play Persona 4. Your mileage may vary on Persona 4 depending on how much you can tolerate Slice-of-Life bullshit and a really slow story (it literally has a two hour introduction before you get into the first proper battle. Not "exaggeration literally", I mean "literally literally".) Persona 3 is my personal favorite, but bought all three versions so I'm kind of a P3 whore.

I think I'm gonna play Arkham City. I never bought it and my coworker and I got in a big debate about the Nolan Batman films and now I just want to hear Mark Hamill laugh :<

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