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I have been enjoying the show and I have been enjoying Season 3 immensely. Actually, I have so far liked how they have done the governor. I like the slow build up. Watching him turn into what he is in the comic, what he is capable of doing. That brawl between him and Michonne - I thought David Morrissey really wanted to kill Danira. It was pretty good. It was not cheesy, it was vicious. I think they are doing a good job at giving many of their characters a lot of dimension. However, there are many characters that have not been given or were not given any time to develop - example T-Dog. Tyrese has said more than T-Dog it seems. When you have a variety of people writing for a show, it shows, but I believe the storylines ahve been tighter than True Blood - honestly they are two different shows - but still an example of another show that has variety of writers episode to episode. The midseason break isn't as strong because they offed Lori. They executed the payload a little earlier but it was necessary. Things are going to get more frantic, and I can't wait to see it unfold.

How will things go down because Rick is going nuts sooner than the comic.

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