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Old May 27th, 2006, 02:29 AM        Farting In Public
Who of us haven't? Its kinda embarrasing. But what if you over heard someone else crack it, thats sh!ts funny. I was in a bathroom at Dallas Fort Worth Airport once, I had to piss bad as I walked in, the bathroom was empty. As I approached the urinal this fool in the handicapped toilet farted so loud
I made a u-turn for the door, my buddies like whats wrong you, your crying, I'm like that dude farted hard I couldn't take it I was laughing so hard I held it for later on the flight. Again I was at Target this afternoon and ironicly I sampling the car refresheners, trying to find the perfect scent. When this guy tried to pass one off, and all I could tell was this guy sh!t his pants, by the sound I knew it was a "Clean up
in the automotive dept". I swear this guy made a B line to the diaper section. I was so glad I was kneeling down on the floor behind my cart, he didn't even see me I had a huge grin on my face and couldn't wait to get out of there to enjoy it more in my truck.
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