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Doom has had a time machine since very nearly the start of the marvel universe. In my opinion, time travel is only a good device in a one off story or novel. Any time you introduce it into an ongoing continuity, it's bound to become a mess because of the inherent paradoxes in the very idea.

Time travel has made continuity unfollowable and utterly stupid in the X-men and Legion franchises and if you ever want to play a game of dumb obscure comics trivia, try to sort out the whole Kang/Immortus story line.

Proto, I totally agree that bad Miller has become like bad Star Trek, ie on par with the good stuff in a totally different way. Unintentional, intentional, it hardly matters, it's a hilarious train wreck. Bendis is just a sad, irritating train wreck. Miller is a head on between a train carrying nuns and orphans and a freight train full of spent nuclear fuel happening right next to a Shriners convention that was being attacked by terrorists.
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