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I'm going to get my ass kicked for this one, but I thought the first two issues of All Star Batman were amazing. It was absolutely a departure don't get me wrong and yes a little over the top, I remember sitting down and reading #2 and for the first time in all my years of reading comics that it dawned on me that Batman, is completely fucking nuts. The idea of a guy dressed like a bat jumping from building to building beating the living piss out of purse snatchers might not be all there.
Mind you that's not "haha lets punch a baby" crazy, but "HAHA lets eat a baby" crazy.
I loved it, I loved the idea that Batman is completely off his nut. He very well could stab you in the gut and then rape you when you double over in pain.
Mind you that's not the batman I want every day, and it went to shit after that. But for a crazy "elseworlds" kind of thing I was all about it.
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