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I think I won the bracket, or at least got closest to it. My reward was the Jackets in the playoffs and their first playoff win ever, lol. They're getting closer.

I know it's all points but their persistent inability to get into the playoffs sort of confuses me. They're not a consistently terrible team and they have really brilliant flashes. Before Bob, I said that the Jackets chew up good goalies and spit them out. Leclaire had some amazing seasons...not Vezina-amazing, but times that he was just like a puck-repelling animal. I'll always have a soft spot for Leclaire and his weirdass interviews. Mason's first season, everyone thought he was a prodigy. Then they both sort of tanked as goalies...Leclaire being the hockey version of Glass Joe and Mason being fucking Mason. And when we had Nash, everyone joked that the whole team was swinging from Nash's nuts.

I was at the game last season when everyone thought our win meant we made the playoffs, and it was insane. I have never heard Nationwide that loud. And then everyone found out like 15 minutes later that...I think it was Minnesota? Had won their game and we were out of the playoffs. Columbus really deserves a fair showing
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