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So, I stopped watching it even as a joke a while ago, roughly around the time they revealed that Vince McMahon has an illegitimate midget son.

Since then, I tuned in once to see that midget paint a hole on a wall and run into it to escape Carlito Carribean Cool (who of course ran into it after him bugs-bunny style)

And then I tuned in again to see Vince and JBL in a cage match versus that midget while the midget's irish caretaker was handcuffed to the ropes and crying.

So, really, what the fuck? Who watches RAW to see that shit? (protip: it is nowhere near as funny as I make it sound)

I also caught last night's main event which was pretty good, all things considered. I hate Cena's character to death, but am glad to see MY BOY Randy get over. Orton and Cena 3Ding some jobbers was pretty excellent. Still just as tired of Triple H winning every altercation as I was five years ago.

SECOND QUESTION: Who do y'all think is gonna win main event at wrestlemania? Cena, Orton, or Triple H?

I'm hoping for Orton of course, but when was the last time a heel won in the main event at WM, you know :<
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