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You do know I am not contesting that what he did was scumbaggery right? It was. But in the end, while he did make stupid decisions, he was smart enough to surround himself with the right publicists and advisers. It doesn't really matter if he wrote that speech himself. He said the right things in it. Some people will probably, like you said, feel sorry for him. Despite the things he did wrong though, let's look at what he did right.

He did not hem and haw, he flat out said what he did.
He didn't blame anyone but himself.
He (if speculation is correct) lied for the sake of his wife about the assault, and even managed to pull off looking angry about the media coverage on his wife.

What it all boils down to is, he can't change what he did, he can only change what he will do, and while he does not deserve any sympathy, he deserves that chance do do so. He is right about one thing though. This infedelity is between him and his wife, if for some reason she forgives him, then that should be that. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, he didn't cheat on me, so I really have no concern with his fickle pickle. He is a cheater, and he is a scumbag, but he deserves the chance to change himself if he is sincere in his claim to wanting to do so
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