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Old Aug 19th, 2011, 09:48 AM        New Cigarette Warning Labels
So, apparently the government is now going to make the tobacco companies put these awfully graphic warnings on cigarette packs.
The government is also going to make the tobacco companies have the warnings cover half of the front and back of the pack. As a smoker, I could give a shit about what the pack looks like, I'm going to smoke them anyway. But, it seems tobacco is getting is getting an unfair deal. I mean, why doesn't the goverrnment make alcohol producers put pictures of diseased livers and people mangled in DUI crashes on their bottles. Why shouldn't McDonald's and its cohorts have to put pictures of big fat ugly bastards on their food wrappers. It seems that smoking is unfairly demonized while other problems such as alcohol abuse and obesity are overlooked.

Your thoughts?
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