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I guess. It's just weird because the whole story the bad guys are all "GRAB THE GIRL", but when it's time for the pew pew, they're all "IGNORE THE GIRL. LET'S ALL 12 OF US FILL THIS ONE FUCKHEAD FULL OF BULLETS AND ROCKETS AND SHIT. YEA LET'S SEND A GIANT ROBOT GEORGE WASHINGTON AFTER HIM TOO."

I know, I know; video game, suspend disbelief, etc. It just takes you out of it. I wouldn't have minded if there were segments where guys strongarmed her and tried to carry her away, and you'd have to pick them off. Or change the story or something. Alyx Vance was invincible but she actually contributed during combat beyond magically refilling your ammo.

In any case, I just beat it. Without spoiling anything, there's a weird tie-in with Bioshock 1, and quantum physics just kinda fucks with everything so the ending's kinda jumbled. There's opportunity to branch out to new self-contained stories, but Infinite's story just comes to a halt and goes "I DUNNO QUANTUM PHYSICS DID IT WHATEVER".

It's a fun game with a cool setting, and the combat has its moments, but I think the game's waaaaaaaay overhyped for what it is.

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