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It took me at least six attempts to beat the cemetery, and then the bank was nearly as annoying until I found out that going in through a different door (anywhere but the vault door) gave me a free shot at her, so I just used charge a bunch of times and ran like hell when the salts ran out. The final one wasn't so bad because I had a sniper rifle and used return to sender, which is pretty devastating when you've got like seven guys shooting at you. But really, those fights are nearly impossible until you figure out some kind of cheap strategy; there's not even enough fucking ammo in those areas AND THEY NEVER STOP COMING.

For that guy and his little minions, I just loaded up on melee-enhancing gear. They were electrocuted, flying back, and if anyone hit me, flames shot out of my vest. Even on a regular difficulty level, the game's not too hard until near the end, and then it's just ridiculous. I'm really not looking forward to those last two giant airship battles.

That was very funny. Well done.
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