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The Rollins duet is my favorite I think, but I gotta say this album is the culmination of a career arc. I've been championing Shatner as a force of nature or over twenty years now. I did an imitation of him reading Moody Blues poetry as part of my original stand up set in the early eighties. His halting, sometimes spazzy Captian Kirk rhythms informed acting style. I'm not claiming he was anything but a cheesy B actor, but he was the king of cheesy B actors and his presence catapulted everything he did past B acting into something entirely transcendent. When he first started doing comedy (Think that SNL sketch, or his performance in Airplane II or III, whichever it was) I think he really found his mark, and on Has Been, which has more than it's share of comic moments, he moves beyond classification into just being Shatner the way Brando was just Brando and Nicholson is just Nicholson.
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