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I don't think they programmed the matrix after neo. They wouldn't have know who neo was until he was already created. He was not created by the architect as such.. He isn't programmed to be an anomaly. He is the undesirable product of an imperfect system. With an imperfect system you expect anomalies.. and develop a way to 'control' them. Whether or not neo chose what the other Ones did shouldn't matter because the matrix obviosly has defensive code and knowing what the other choice was it should be prepared to deal with it. Well, you'd think so anyway

Ok so one thing that I wonder about is... the frenchy guy says to neo about his predecessors (they have come to him before. I am assuming they must all get the key from him to get to the architect?) But then the key maker dies with neo. So either the key maker is recreated each time, or the One must always find some other way to get through the door to the architect, or the key maker always survived before with the other Ones and this is the first time he dies.
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