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Originally Posted by 10,000 Volt Ghost View Post

Old but the first time I've seen it with english lyrics

Smashing all the people up! It's the child no parka rule.
This is in Telugu, which I used to know I only understand enough of it for it to be funny.

Telugu bollywood-type movies are called "Tollywood". It's its own genre and most of the leading men look identical to that guy (Chiranjeevi I think his name is).

I think he's saying beat it? Like Michael Jackson? Hell if I know. Golimar or Kolimar.

"What if (some name I don't know) embraces you
(something, something) voodoo from Nepal
your fear is sexy and you're feminine (or something)

Goli mar, Goli mar

(something about kissing a ghost)
(something else about voodoo)
You'll go crazy and die
wife, honeymoon bouquet, peace
(then some words like abracadabra)
Killer killer killer killer killer killer killer killer

If the dead come back to life
and the back of your dress catches on fire
we'll make a voodoo doll and sacrifice a chicken
there will be ghosts in graveyards
(something about a goddess)

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