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I've had several what I call epiphanies in my life, the first of which happened in college. I was (excuse the expression) being a lemming, allowing myself to be led into what was (or could have been) a cult-like born-again Christian group. I was going to chuch, giving testimony and generally acting like a robot when suddenly a voice called me - yes it sounds schizophrenic, but that's how it felt - and said clearly "You don't need this, you are better than this." Afterward, I felt a peace that I hadn't ever felt before - I stayed friends with these folks, but I no longer NEEDED them. I rejoined my life, as a better more fulfilled human being, secure in the knowledge that I no longer NEEDED religion to be a worthwhile individual.

There have been other instances that I recall clearly, but this is the one that appears to me to be the most relevant to this discussion.
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