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Mighty fine haul, RoG! I have also never seen the Monster Mashup game. Look fun!

That's one badass mummy you got there, Thanos! He looks like he knows kung fu.

Ok, so Protoclown was my secret Santa this year! He explained in his letter that he did indeed steal awesome things from Ex Leper at my request. Or it may have just been an old lady across the street.
Either way, he stole stuff and gave it to me. And that's what Christmas is all about.

First we have "The Faggiest Vampire" children's book!

This book tells the tale of Dargoth Van Gloomfang and his quest to reclaim the title that once belonged to him ("the faggiest vampire" if you weren't following along).

It's very entertaining and has some incredible illustrations in it. Fantastic!

Next, I now have my very own Gremlin! This is my very first "Pop! Movies" figure and what a way to start a collection!

I'm really happy to see how popular Shout! Factory movies have been this year in the SS event. In this case we have not one, but four awesome horror movies!
How awesome you ask? No, I know you didn't ask, it's rhetorical...

Here's just a small sampling of what you get in this amazing set!

I have to give a huge thanks to Protoclown for all of the great stuff!

Merry Christmas, everybody!