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Originally Posted by MarioRPG View Post
It was delivered the 18th in the afternoon! I didn't get home until the evening. Now, I had planned to take a video of my unboxing... But, um, I didn't realize what it was I've ordered a handful of things from different sites the past weeks, and didn't connect that this might be a gift. However, let me say that replicant did an excellent job as santa.

I received 2 James Bond novels (I've only ever read Goldfinger and On Her Majesty's Secret Service), but I love love LOVE these minimal covers. They give a touch of class that's very fitting for 007.
I am so glad you like them! I am a big bond fan. I am a Roger Moore gal.
I am sorry it's just those two books. I had a bunch of other things planned but Amazon screwed things up. I was worried about making the deadline and since shipping takes time to the Great White North...I said screw it and change plans. But expect a surpise in the next 3 months to make up for it. And don't say, you don't have to? You like tea so...expect some awesome tea...(which was meant to come with your package).