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I got mine from blood_panther a few days ago:

It came with instructions on how this gift smorgasbord should be approached, starting with gift #1:

I'm hesitant to try to the french fry lip balm, but the Super Star stress toy has already been useful.

It's everyone's favorite anthropomorphic ice cream sandwich, now in multicolored light form!

I don't know much about My Little Pony, but I'm sure there's something in the show about muffins that lends itself nicely to this magnet. Blood panther was guessing the two lego pouches would be the British cop and the barbarian. Was he right?

Yes he was. Partly. British cop, yes, but in place of a barbarian, we have the pretzelmeister (complete with removable paper skirt).

Also, there's a Mr. Bean figure. Sure, the role of Mr. Bean may have typecast Rowan Atkinson as a guy who mainly does slapstick, but isn't it worth it to get a rubber figure of yourself?

Last but not least, a Ninjabread men kit. The streets will run white with icing when candy-bedecked gingerbread man commit brown-on-brown crime!

All in all, a pretty sweet haul from Blood_Panther.
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