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Originally Posted by kahljorn
A heart-felt note by anonymous:

The notes were necessary to explain it? What the fuck does that mean? You left retarded notes, I almost thought they were jokes. I don't care about any of that information. Even if I did, poetry loses alot of it's meaning or thoughtfulness(or whatever other bullshit you want to attach to it) when you deliver it with an explaination. Especially when it's about stupid things like Asian Punk Rock sayings(PUNK PRIDE) or how Bacchus just loved life or about your stupid friends. How did your "friends"(or should I say, 'influential punk rockers' who are too stupid to get into college. You need what they received; an ego check) feel about your poetry?
It's all supposed to be self-contained. When was the last time you listened to poets deliver foot-notes while they read their work? Hey, uh, stupid guy, I'm going to explain my stupid poetry to you with a stupid explaination-- then I'll act smug.

Are these the kinds of "Great thoughts" you have? Inspiration by people dumb enough to over-dose?
Honestly, your poetry is so retarded and imagined it makes me want to puke, it makes me think you only ploy at being meaningful and thoughtful for attention.

If you didn't put so much thought in time into who you pretend you are, I'd think you were a character. Not that you aren't a character.

P.S. All this from the heart shit you notion is half-assed. Do you have the heart of a donkey? Are you trying to tell us that one of your parents was a Donkey, and the other some kind of animal fucker? Don't you even have shame about that?
The last time I heard poets deliver footnotes with their poetry was Allen Ginsberg in 1995 (just being honest).
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