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Old Jul 8th, 2007, 04:41 AM        We've just uploaded our full document describing in great detail what we have in mind
We've got a lot planned including a new opening scene at the beginning of the game, new dialogues for cut scenes, new items to be fouund in barrels, and visual rewards at the end of each round. I won't link to our group here because I have respect for this forum and won't advertise here. Just look in my signature for the link. This is going to be a mind blowing game! Please join us in creating it.
Final Fight 3 Final F*ck Fest is my vision of a romhack. I've started a group for it's creation where messages will require approval. The group will be clean and spam free. I have two mods helping me as it is. We need help with the project. Join us in creating a very adult game here:
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