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Old Aug 9th, 2007, 07:15 AM        Sorry to disappear guys.
Had a few money issues to take care of and a dead motherboard kinda got in my way too. Things aren't going so great with my group to build the nude Final Fight3. It's been a couple weeks and we've asked people to post their intros telling what they can contribute to the project. Other than my cofounder none have. I hate fucking lurkers. I'm not gonna end this message on angry note however. I tried, I failed, I accept defeat.
Final Fight 3 Final F*ck Fest is my vision of a romhack. I've started a group for it's creation where messages will require approval. The group will be clean and spam free. I have two mods helping me as it is. We need help with the project. Join us in creating a very adult game here:
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