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Originally Posted by MeowMixMaster View Post
That one painting you saw with the nude woman and the centaur looks to be work done by Boris Vajello. I have a calendar that has his work on display. He does a lot of fantasy art like that. I dont care how much that one painting was, I'd still get it.
It *looks* like Boris, but it's not. (Fan of his myself.) True, the subject matter is the same, but the style is totally different. Boris' art has a lot more of a smoother quality to it. This one has more of a Frazetta style to it, though I don't think it's him either.

Grats on the lamp, too, Rog! I *love* finding treasures like that when you least expect it. And too true about seeing the action figures in the cases. Those are the type of people you know are just going to whip out the price guide when you ask them how much, heh.
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