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Originally Posted by BABALITY PANCAKES View Post
I really want that lamp RoG. I will give you $200, PLEASE I MUST HAVE IT NO LYING PLEEEEEAASSSEEEEE
Heheh, sorry man, I've been looking for one of those for years. Check your local flea markets and yard sales, you never know what you'll find. If all else fails, there's always eBay.

Originally Posted by JoeyJoJoJr View Post
Congrats on your find, I always love the feeling you get when you discover something rare like that.
Thanks man... I go to so many of these kind o' things, but it's only once in a blue moon that I find something that makes my jaw drop upon seeing it. It's definitely a good feeling when you find things like that... makes the trip all worthwhile.

Originally Posted by DrewP View Post
I just noticed something. Those Panther Tables are the same as that Panther statue from the Melrose Trading Post on page 1. Except at Melrose they didn't have any glass tops. Also every Flea Market I have been too has had Madballs almost every where I nearly have a complete collection and am only missing a few of the "Bad guys" from the carton (yet they were good in the comic)
Originally Posted by Copper View Post
And too true about seeing the action figures in the cases. Those are the type of people you know are just goingto whip out the price guide when you ask them how much, heh.
Yeah, I can't stand those guys. "Well this figure is graded 75 blahblahblah by the AFA!" Anybody who has their toys "graded" is into collecting them for all the wrong reasons, so you have two reasons not to buy from them: 1) they're overpriced and 2) you shouldn't support them financially out of principle.

Originally Posted by Bavles View Post
this is awesome dude. I use to live only twenty minutes away from the rosebowl so it's really nice to see a familiar sight.
You ever been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market though? If not, you definitely should next month (Sunday, April 12th) since you live so close. I'll be going again I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Marthaeus Autolykos View Post
Oh man, I remember playing with so many of those toys so long ago...and yes, I had the airport too! Many of which I'd forgotten about, such as battle beasts, but I can now vividly recall the tactile sensation of holding my thumb over the heat-sensitive decal to reveal each's elemental affiliation.
It's understandable how those Intellivision boxes were confused with Atari 2600; they had the same games and boxes; I had both of those games in the picture on my 2600. I WANT THOSE PANTHER TABLES!
Also, that creature bust you claim looks familiar, looks an awful lot like a Sleestack from the Kroft Bros "Land of the Lost."
Yeah Battle Beasts were amazingly fun... until those chest decals fell off. I read that they later released special super battle beasts who could defeat all three of the elements. Never saw those when I was a kid though. I'm guessing their element was "gun". As for the boxes, as I told executioneer, there actually were a bunch of Intellivision boxes in that pile (believe me I looked through 'em) but I guess they're not visibile in the one photo I took, oh well.)

Interesting about Sleestack though, I don't think the head shape is quite the same as the Sleestack I know. Sleestack rules.

Originally Posted by Kat View Post
Where are you planning to put that lamp, Rog? Because if I were you I would put it by my bed so I could fall asleep to the soothing demonic red serial killer light it provides.
It's like you read my mind.

Originally Posted by KillerMcGee View Post
Hey -Rog- Think you will make it to Seattle for North America's biggest video game convention in September? It would make for a great I-mockery article. Lots of cool shit, and tons of dorks being... dorky.
PAX? I definitely plan on coming sometime, but it's hard because it's so close after Comic-Con (which I already spend most of my money at) and it's right when Halloween season starts here on I-Mockery, which is my favorite time o' year. I'm sure I'll make it there, it's just hard to say when it'll happen.

Originally Posted by cainecollin View Post
Looks kind of like Pumpkinhead
Good call, it actually does resemble Pumpkinhead quite a bit. Maybe it was some art student's attempt at recreating Pumpkinhead, sans the menacing teeth.

Originally Posted by Maxwell Demon View Post
Rog, i have that monkey head and that is so totally the controller for it. if it isnt it looks exactly like it.
Are you serious?? Damnit, the vendor told me it didn't go with the monkey head. Maybe he misunderstood my question. Thanks for letting me know either way.
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