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Hey folks! My name's Douglas MacKrell - I was the winner of the Halloween Hot Sauce contest a month or so back. I'm just getting my feet wet here at the forums, so here's my deets:

Name- Douglas MacKrell


job- Host of Internet After Dark

where are you at?- New York City

how did you find out about this site?- My buddy Kevin Conn (Unemployed Skeletor) introduced me.

what's your favorite thing about the site?- The movie reviews!

why did you start posting- To get to know everyone and start being an active part of the community!

Level of Educ.- A couple of gear shifts in college

hobbies- Making videos, campy overacting, prop design and fabrication, sexy ladies, giving advice

fav. music/band- Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

fav. book- The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman

fav. movie- Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Fav. Video Game- Sam and Max Hit The Road

fav. food- Burritos

In high school you were voted most likely to...- Do more art stuff good

Is there anything else we should all know about you?- I currently run two shows on YouTube - Internet After Dark, a lampoon of mens lifestyle shows, and The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel, a Gravity Falls show where I get my audience to crack codes and solve riddles to get cool GF stuff I make.

Other than that, I like dinosaurs and I think it's hilarious when goats eat things that they shouldn't.
Be sure to check out Internet After Dark! A sexy fireside chat for the digital age!

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