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Old Oct 19th, 2010, 09:56 AM        Deathmasters BBS door game MOCK
I used to run a local BBS called "DaTaBuRn" on my 2400 baud modem. Granted, 14.4's were already out at the time, but the slow scroll of a 2400 really captures the nostalgia of old ANSI grafix. Okay, maybe i just couldn't afford one yet with my allowance, but slow scroll *IS* cool.

This game was always our favorite. I ran it in local mode yesterday and played through a little bit to get you guys some screenshots. i havent gotten to certain parts, so i will post those when i do.

with no further ado, i bring you

DeathMasters 1.5

An Axe going through Patrick Swayze's head?

This should be good!
here is a couple of of the other title screens...

Now it is time to pick my training style... lets check out the choices

Gut Distortion! something i feel like i am having after that mexican lasagna i ate last night.

main menu

ahhhhhh, pixelated violence at its best.

time to fight!

i have always hated people who wear ties.

It appears that i am only wearing a loin cloth, and dilbert is naked. technically we both have a dagger out.

after i beat him, i decided to fight again

well, i should probably have healed first, but whats the fun in that? i live in the edge, son.

But yeh, i am going to have to beg for my life like a little bitch and give them 400+ dollars to get away safely.

i should goto the armory.

i guess i need armor, seeing as how this is an ARMORY.

I take the bone reinforced quilt... because quilts are gay unless you have human bones attached.

all this shopping has made me tired, i should goto the pub!

spit and vomit cover the floor.. sounds like some places i have been to.
lets see what they have on tap

"I'm sorry sir, but does the Tequila Worm come with any tequila?"

he hands me a worm and tells me to savor the flavor.

When i go to "Take a Piss" i see people have written on the wall. I pull out my dagger(the bigger one) and etch something myself.

Well, i am drunk enough to go fight some more dilberts now. Lets GO!

Althought the fight was epic and i could write a whole article on it in itself, this picture says it all. Dilbert ripped out my spine and showed it to the whole internet like some kind of a trophy

so i log back in

and heal up!

and lets fight!

Hell yeah i want some steroids. Dilbert has one coming!

wait, and more good luck

well, the guy from hell's gut gave me a badass shield, but it appears i am still wearing a loin cloth.

I will spare you every single fight, but i fought a whole lot for you guys to level up. so here is the grand finale

i facepalm before i enter...

that was a bit anticlimactic , but i somehow feel like i have done something productive today...

more fights and then this.

wtf? Centuries ago? so this whole deathmasters thing takes place in the FUTURE?!

i picked when the cotton gin was invented... that was right?

so, i fight like a maniac for many turns more and then THIS!

hell no, i didn't spend all this hard work to just give my earnings away to some 4 armed death master

bring it on GORO!

shwooo, that was close.

at this point, i am so badass at this game i do not foresee my self dieing, so i am going to not heal and keep fighting where we can see some more cool ANSI's

I am going to play some more today and try to get to a level i can "MUTATE" from and find some more ansi's and fun storyline so look out for chapter 2!

also, as in most ansi related games there are ansi's that are tall and scroll down your screen. there is one that happens during the title screen of a guy ripping out someones spine. i am new to making animated gifs, but hopefully i will figure out how to make it animated as if you were seeing it in DOS.
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