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Originally Posted by Mockery View Post
Nah, BBSes were very limited in what they could do compared to the internet... so I think that's what really did them in. Still good to see there are some running to this day, even if it is simply for the nostalgia of it all.
not really. a lot of bbses actually BECAME isps, and some could even provide internet access when there weren't viable isps in some cities at that time.

i still stand by my statement that the whole BBS VS INTERNET thing is
what brought an end to it. everyone considered it that it had to be one thing or the other, not even thinking that both could co-exist.

didn't they basically turn into MUDS?

thats what these remind me of
No, bbses did not turn into muds.

Look at today's social networks or popular websites with user interaction. That's what bbses evolved into.
most of the operators of such places started out with bbsing and brought that knowledge to their sites and services.

slashdot's commander taco, for example ran a bbs
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