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damn dude, that's fucking-sarcastically hilarious!!
but you forgot to mention one thing. YOUR SAG TITS. consider making another clip bout that in near future.

-stop putting booze in the can you drunk kitten beating fag! you can lie to the world but not us!!

-hey administrator, free ad!! and soon i-mockery will be flooded with dorks! but it's ok, we enjoy mocking. really.

-guitar woman, go change that pink hair of yours or we might be seeing clip of clement wanking to the pic... ya know, we need not to downgrade youtube,right?

-i guess you might have a terrible childhood, been touched by your uncle Andy, which, eventually make you remember the pain each time you pronounce the word "ANDY".

-yeah. we are just a bunch of BAZZTERDZZ.

and lastly, i still laughing each time you curse and whine.
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