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Alva Noto - Unitxt
Hear, O Israel - A Prayer Ceremony in Jazz
The Hacker - X
Fuzzy Felt Folk compilation
"Daisies" film soundtrack on the Finders Keepers label.
2046 film soundtrack.

These CDs all came to my door in one package last, and I'm too lazy to look up the composers for the soundtracks and what have you, but I ordered them at the same time as some other stuff that I'm also too lazy to look up or strain to remember.

Recently I impulse bought a lot of Yo La Tengo, thinking I was missing out on something. Apparently all I'm missing is the point, because I didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much as I've been lead to believe I would.

With the exception of "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out," which I enjoy as a mood piece that captures a certain feeling I don't get from other albums, I'm dissapointed. "I Am Not Afraid of You..." is fun for the most part too but all the older stuff I find to be fairly generic and bland.

It could be that they reveal their subtle charms with further listening, but this isn't the old days when I could afford one album a month and five mp3s on a dial-up connection; I have things to do and other albums to be listening to. I COULD BE DEAD TOMORROW. Someone explain.
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